More info on the igloohome installation procedure

During the booking process, you got a Bluetooth key link from us. Click the link on your smartphone ( bluetooth required) :

If you don’t have the Igloohome app, you need to click “download app” first

After downloading, (Android and Apple ) open de Igloohome app :

If this is the first time you use Igloohome, you need to register :

Fill in all your data and click “register

An email verification link has been send to your email adres, please check your email ( also check SPAM folder ) :

After you clicked the email verification link, you can open the Igloohome app again

Here, you need to use the username and password you choosed during regsitration:

You can see the features of the app, or press SKIP at the upper right side of the screen

Close the app, and click on the link again that you got in the booking email, open this page with the app.

You can see your visit has been listed, it will only come valid from the moment of your check-in time.

You can check your visit later by clicking the upper left menu icon and click on visits.

Once you have done all this, you can see in the intruction movies below what to do when you arrived at the entrance.

Step 2 : Open de keybox at the entrance

Please make sure you close the box properly after opening.
( make sure your here the “klik”-sound when closing the key box )

Instructions to enter with bluetooth key :

Only in case the bluetooth is not working, you will get an entrance code form is.
Important is to push the lock first, so the LED lights become blue. After that you can start typing the code.

Igloohome is supported by